Welcome to Danz-a-BOWS! It's time to dance together "VIRTUALLY"! This is designed for anyone that would like to add a little flare to their upcoming wedding or special event. ***NO DANCE EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED.*** The best part is you can learn a well choreographed dance  in the comfort of your home! We can choreograph a simple dance routine that you're most comfortable with. We are here to make this an enjoyable, fun, exciting, and memorable dance experience. We can choreograph any style of dance such as  jazz, country, hip hop, West African, and more. Surprise dance smash-ups are a great way to get your family & friends ready to celebrate "YOU"! We can choreograph dance smash-ups for newlyweds first dance, bridal party intros, and much more.  For example, imagine you're at a wedding reception and the father and daughter head to the dance floor for the "Father & Daughter" dance. After 2 minutes of slow dancing; the music immediately changes to an upbeat tempo. Then the father and daughter perform a surprise routine that stuns their family and friends. Now everyone is ready to celebrate the night away!

 Set up a free consultation today to further discuss your surprise dance performance for your "Grand Entrance". It's time to "Virtually Dance"! 

Keesha Brooks


I absolutely love the true art of dance! This all started in my mother's living room at the age of  4 years old. I then studied dance at Radford University (Radford, VA) from 1997-2000. It was a privilege to be apart of the RU Rockers Dance Team while performing and competing. I had the opportunity to audition for Donald McKayle’s special guest artist dance selection. He was one of the first choreographers to incorporate the African American experience into modern dance, and the first African American man to direct and choreograph a Broadway musical, “Raisin”.  I was also selected by Donald McKayle to perform a modern dance choreographed by him titled Rainbow Etude- “Rainbow Around My Shoulder” in April of 1999. I was so grateful for the experience to perform with the other “Extraordinary” dancers. I will never forget this special moment! 

Keesha's favorite dance quote: "Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~Martha Graham

Ava Brooks

Dancer & Choreographer


Ava Brooks is 11 years old, and she absolutely loves dance! At the age of 5, Ava was taught the basics of dance by her mother, Keesha Brooks. Ava dances purely with her heart and soul. Dance is very rewarding to her. Ava also studied dance at the Academy of Dance (Newport News, VA).


Ava's favorite dance quote: "The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie." ~Agnes de Mille

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Donald McKayle